Inhance® Single Site Hazard Reports

The Single Site Hazard reports are a solution for your high value single properties or single location facultative business.

This is a solution for underwriters to easily determine the hazard exposures for a single site for rapid risk assessment and pricing. US hazard reports are available now. Access over 35 Inhance® US Hazard Data Layers without the hassle of reaching out to multiple data providers.

  1. Enter latitude & longitude, or address
  2. No setup time, instant access
  3. Pay by credit card or account basis

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Inhance® Single Site Flood Reports

Flooding is a major catastrophe causing global insurers billions of dollars in losses on an annual basis. This is a solution for flood underwriting for US, UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific with best in class, modeled flood data. Rapid flood map and risk score lookup on a map and download a quick underwriting report.

  1. Access a variety of flood data for US, UK, Europe, Asia
  2. Enter latitude & longitude, or address
  3. Hosted or on-premises solution
  4. Pay by credit card or account basis

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Inhance® Portfolio Review

Aggregate book review using standard queries, hazard, and valuation data. This is an offline service.

  1. High hazard concentration analysis
  2. Under or over valuation
  3. Geographic accumulation by country, state, county, ZIP

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Inhance® Insurance to Value (ITV)

A primary concern of reinsurers, independent property-level valuation provides critical information for evaluating probable losses and assessing exposure to reinsurance layers. Typically priced out of reach for reinsurers evaluating millions of properties annually, ImageCat has launched a cost-effective industry alternative for account-level ITV based on years of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) research.

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