Analysis and profiling

Inhance’s interactive maps, charts and tables help you quickly and seamlessly identify deficiencies, gaps and inaccuracies within your exposure data. Instantly invoke heuristic data checks to trap inappropriate data or enforce company data policies. Apply Inhance’s built-in engineering-based heuristics or develop your own based on your experiences or preferences. Access global hazard data in the Inhance Data Market to confirm nat-cat or exposure to other perils. Isolate dubious or incomplete data at a single click for cross validation with exposure comparison data in our Data Market.

Global hazard data

Inhance provides instantaneous access to hundreds of layers of global, national and local nat-cat and other datasets. Ranking your data against one or more hazards allows you to quickly identify high-risk areas and isolate only those exposures you should be concerned about.

Public and private data sources are integrated in Inhance and our unique transactional model means you only pay for the data you need.

Exclusively access the ImageCat library of evidence-based post-event damage data.

Already licensing hazard data? We won’t charge you again – just contact us and we’ll give you direct access to your data.

Exposure comparison data

Inhance’s Data Market provides access to exposure databases from a range of market-leading providers. These datasets include domestic and commercial property attributes, engineering data and rebuilding costs.

Cross-comparison and augmentation with these datasets provides independent validation of your exposures and allows you to reduce the uncertainty in your data, thus improving accuracy of modelled results.

Compare replacement costs in your accounts to help identify over or under insurance.


We understand the importance of your data, and your need to trace exactly what has happened to it during augmentation. Inhance never overwrites your original data. Augmentations are stored in separate database tables, providing you full, granular auditing and the ability to examine enhancements in a stepwise manner.


Share and communicate your results with a set of customisable and interactive reports. Share maps, charts and tables from your analysis with those who need them most – underwriters, regulators, compliance teams or executives. Create standardised reports for class, territory or use case. Combine with Inhance’s profiling tools to rapidly generate hazard reports to support time-critical decisions.

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