Category 4 Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday, August 25, 2017 between Port Aransas and Port O’Conner, Texas. As various agencies and organizations try to catch up on the extent of Hurricane Harvey’s extent of impact, several data sets are available to Inhance® users:

Financial Loss Potential Index: As decision makers and insurers try to understand the full scope of damage from Hurricane Harvey, ImageCat has created a Financial Loss Potential index to guide the response and recovery efforts. This map combines flooding extent and depth information from SSBN and exposed property values at a per 500m grid. This map offers a rapid view of the concentration of high flood hazard and/or high value locations at a grid level and can be used to validate loss estimates and review claims as they begin to come in.

SSBN Flood Footprint: Harvey footprint using rainfall accumulations from National Weather Service. The flood footprints are developed using simulation, and data is available via Inhance and FacFinder platforms.

KatRisk Wind, Surge and Flood Footprint: Event response wind speed footprint covering the US and Caribbean. Additionally, a flood inundation footprint covering both storm surge and inland flooding in the US is available.

JBA Flood Extents: Preliminary event footprint data based on hydrodynamic modelling of the storm surge. Extraction of JBA's flood hazard maps are also available for pluvial flood in the impacted area based on extensive research into the areas inundated. The footprint covers flooding in parts of Texas and Louisiana and will be updated as the event unfolds over the coming days.

AON Impact Forecasting Wind, Surge and Flood Extents: Impact Forecasting’s modeled extents for wind, storm surge and riverine flood hazard are available in Inhance. These data files provide a preliminary view of the impact of Hurricane Harvey and will be updated.

Kinetic Analysis Wind, Surge and Rainfall Data: Harvey footprints available for both forecast track and the past OFCL track, including current storm location. Final post-event footprint will be available after final official forecast is released. Climatological rainfall data for Hurricane Harvey.

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